My 1st day of official “work”

Let me start this off by saying, “I’m EXHAUSTED!” Literally, I feel like I just spent five hours at the gym. I even wore slightly less cute shoes to prevent the pain of running around like crazy, like I knew I would today.

Nevertheless, the biggest problem I had today was a man asking me if he could come into the trailer (we’re the last one but we’re right next to Starbucks!) and warm his sandwich. A little odd, yes. I think it was code for something else, I mean it had to be because he didn’t have a sandwich.

We are getting 15,000 flashlights (YEAH 15 THOUSAND) to hand out the day of the concert for a cool little shot during Faith’s performance leading into the amazing opening of the Colts game. So, if you’re coming down to see the show MAKE SURE you get a flashlight (someone will be handing them out at the right time)so you can be a part of the amazing shot we paid a LOT of money for. Fifteen thousand flashlights, it wasn’t cheap. The goal is to get everyone on the circle and all the overflow of people down Meridian and Market to have lights and well it’s gonna be cool.

More to come later, I’ve gotta get some coffee and get to this photoshoot I’m art directing tonight. Hopefully I’ll be out and about soon to meet some of you MOJOs.