Music Theory in Your Pocket (hint: it’s not an app!)

Introducing, The Rooth – music theory at the fingertips of teachers, students & aspiring musicians with one organic, handcrafted tool.

rooth wheel

Writing songs is hard. I don’t know this from personal experience, but I’m sure there aren’t more than 9 million search results for “music theory instruction” because it’s easy and intuitive.

Most students of music theory spend their time composing in the presence of stacks of informational books or tied to their computer- always keeping their instructional guide (cumbersome as it may be) at arm’s reach.

Andrew Wellman decided to change that. He wanted musicians to have the freedom to create beautiful works of musical art anywhere and anytime- in the van on the way to a gig, in the park after class, on top of a mountain after a day’s hike- without being attached to heavy books or a clunky computer. So he invented The Rooth.

rooth wheel 2

The Rooth is a physical representation of the circle of fifths which is used in music theory to learn scales, corresponding key signatures, and associated major and minor keys. The Rooth assists in composing and harmonizing melodies, building chords, writing chord progressions and modulating to different keys within a composition.

Each handcrafted Rooth wheel consists of two separate concentric pieces etched with music theory. The outside, made of solid mahogany wood, is etched with roman numerals indicating the major and minor scale for the chosen key, as well as the chord type for each note. The inside, made of solid maple wood, visually shows the relationships among the 12 tones in the chromatic scale, their key signatures and the associated major and minor keys. It snaps in place with a smooth and reliable rotation using 12 rare-earth neodymium magnets beautifully encased by contrasting mahogany plugs.

rooth wheel 3

The Rooth’s overall dimensions are 4-7/8″ diameter by 1/2″ thick, which makes it portable enough to carry in your gig bag, guitar case or even your backpack for class, while the small footprint leaves less clutter sitting on your desk compared to books, flash cards or other learning aids.

What do you think? Are you a musician and/or teacher who finds utility in this tool, or are you skeptical? Apparently, more than 150 people are believers, as they’ve backed over 130% of Wellman’s Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run of The Rooth.

If you’re interested in having one for yourself (or for that special musician in your family), now is the time to order. For just $35 you can help fund the project and get your own Rooth Wheel.

Order yours today!