Mummy’s Invade Broad Ripple, Here Come The Mummies to Play Sold Out Show at The Vogue


Thousands of years ago there was an old evil pharaoh that requested the presence of the most acclaimed musicians in all the land. There was going to be a marriage and he wanted only the best to perform for such an event. However, after realizing that the bride to be was sleeping with the whole band, the pharaoh had all of them mummified. This didn’t stop them though, powered by something more then nature, they rose from the dead and have been spreading their funk and R&B tunes ever since.

Or at least that’s one way of describing the Nashville, TN based Here Come The Mummies. Set to take the stage of The Vogue this Friday, November 8th, donning bandages from head to toe, members will be fully dressed as mummies so as to hide their identities. The reason behind it- whether it be rumored or not- is that almost all the members are nationally touring and recognized musicians, some maybe even Grammy award winners.

What really makes Here Come The Mummies stand out is how dedicated they are to their act. They fully adopt the persona of mummies that have been dead for thousands of years but have risen to bring back the funk to modern society. The band is comprised of 12 members and their tunes, such as “Single Entrendre”, “Libido Knievel” and “Dirty Minds”, are humorous and engaging.  The mummies have put out eight studio albums to date and have been frequent members on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom show.

Java Mummy, Percussion and Vocals

Java Mummy, Percussion and Vocals

In preparation for their upcoming show I connected with Java Mummy (percussion and vocals) to ask a few questions. As is true to mummy tradition, the conversation took a hilarious turn with Java staying in full character the whole time. The Mummies will be playing The Vogue theatre this Friday, November 8th. The show is completely sold out, however it may be possible to find tickets floating around the internet. This is a 21+ event, doors open at 8PM, show starts at 9PM.

Chris: When did the mummies first come up with the concept to tour as hidden musicians, and how long have you been doing it?

Java: We first tried touring as hidden musicians in the 1960’s, because we were not sure folks could take us seriously in mummy form. Turns out that playing hidden behind curtains and towels is even less regarded than being a mummy.

Chris: Are you guys friends outside of Here Come The Mummies?

Java: Yep, when you are a mummy, it is tough making outside friends. Goth chicks think we are cool, but the stench inevitably chases them away.

Chris: Are the members of the band consistent, or do you have a rotating cast of characters?

Java: We normally have the same mummies on stage, but sometimes a mummy or two wants to do laundry or practice cooking souffles, so we sub them out.

Chris: Having played several times on the Bob & Tom show, and making appearance throughout Indiana, would you consider Indianapolis a second home?

Java: Absolutely. Indy was our first popular market.

Chris: Considering the superb musical talents and skills of the band members, why did you choose to take the rout of a humorous band with funny songs, as opposed to playing traditional blues, jazz and R&B songs?

Java: Honestly, we don’t see ourselves as a humor band. We just think of ourselves as a rock band that digs to laugh.

Chris: Is it true that some, if not all, the members are nationally touring and recognized musicians that play under cover due to contractual agreements?

Java: Yep, and if you ask our grandma’s, they will also tell you that we are the most talented ever.

Chris: Is there anything you would like the Indianapolis audience to know about you as a band that maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to speak on yet?

Java: We are nerds. Truly, nerds like in Revenge of The Nerds, where all we think about is sex.