Mr. Brooks RAWKS!!

okay okay, I know I vowed to become a consistent blogger and really haven’t held up my end of the bargain, BUT, I’m jumping back on the wagon…

Last night, Ryan and I went to see the movie Mr. Brooks. I had heard a few good reviews, so why not? aaaanyways, the movie was AWESOME! it was suspensful and had a few twists (which I like) to throw you off a bit. The cast consisted of Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and Dane cook, to name a few. Kevin Costner plays a serial killer who gets photographed in action by Dane Cook and the murders are being investigated by Demi Moore.

For going to an 11 p.m. movie reeeeally tired, this DEFINITELY kept me awake and on the edge of my seat!!

this movie is a must :) Kim Chase gives it 2 thumbs up!