Movie Screenings: FAQ

I get asked a lot of questions on Indymojo. I want to help you all get your tickets in hand and watch these movies so hopefully this will help.

How did I not find out about this movie screening??

That’s a good question, here are tons of ways you could find out. I do ALL of this, every time in hopes that no one will get left behind.

1) Check this forum.

2) Check my blog. I crosspost all the screening information there with a link back to the forum thread for the specific screening.

3) Check the events coming up. The event gives date, time, location, but most importantly, it has a link back to the forum thread for the specific screening with how to get the tickets.

4) Join the Indymojo Movie lovers group. There is a link to this group in all the screening listings on Indymojo and recently (VERY recently) we got a mass messaging system to work on it so I can send out updates to members when a new listing is posted.

5) Check Indymojo’s Facebook page event calendar. I also crosspost the entire event there with the link back to the original forum thread for the screening.

6) “Like” Indymojo’s Facebook page — I send out an update to all members for EVERY screening. Check your message board on Facebook.

7) “Like” Haunted Flower’s Facebook page: – I often mention when screenings are coming up with a link back to the facebook event that has the link back to original page.

8) Be my friend on Indymojo. If I’m in a good mood (more often than not), I click to invite all 80 or so of my friends for each Indymojo movie screening event.

It all boils down to checking on Indymojo and understanding when you have a message in your inbox on Indymojo. It won’t be e-mailed to you unless you have settings on that ask Indymojo to e-mail every alert to you. Go to the “Mail” tab whenever you check in just to make sure.

Ok that answers HOW to find out about screenings.

Now HOW do I get passes?

Read the information in the original screening forum post like this one for “Burlesque“. Follow the instructions there and do what it says. I will have done it for an example.

If it mentions I will be physically handing out passes, you have to find me at the event. It’s not hard. I stand apart from the others, usually have an Indymojo t-shirt on, sometimes a lanyard added for the extra awesomeness. I look like this person:

Be super sweet to me because I want you to see this movie and give you the passes. If you are a meanie-head, you will not see this giant smile on my face.

If instead it says there will be Gofobo passes, I will send the code to you through the Indymojo mailbox. Check your mail tab. I will not do this daily, but every few days to everyone who posted correctly and clicked they were attending the event.

I am not the movie screening police, but if you show up at every screening without tickets and do not participate on Indymojo to get them and shove your way to the front of the line, that’s rude and not nice to the publicity people putting on the screening whom I work with to make these events happen. Of course those people probably won’t read this message either, but it does make things difficult for Indymojo to get really awesome screening opportunities in the future. I’m pushing my hardest to get “Harry Potter” for us right now.

Thank you all for reading, if you made it this far, you are probably already an awesome person with great movie screening etiquette. I appreciate it and feel fortunate that you will lead by example to those around you and we can all eat popcorn together!