More ravings about cravings

Hmm… not sure what to say about this one. I was listening to Disturbia today by Rhianna on my way home from Sbucks… if I didn’t say it earlier I decided to pick up a second job on top of the three that i currently have. Yes I say it that way cause it’s a second REAL job while the other 2 are not really jobs persay, but you get married and tell me that a wife and a house aren’t jobs?!? Fuck… they tend to be more of a job than my real work.

Annnyway…. I realized that I would so dance to that song. Yet, I’m wondering if there is some age where I’m suddenly going to be ‘that guy’. Currently if you’ve ever caught me out at LandSharks or The Vogue, you know I can dance. However, at some point, I’m wondering if I’ll ever become that guy that you look at and wonder why the hell he’s there. I remember when I was 21 and there was a guy who used to come to the Vogue… I would look at him and realize that he really didn’t ‘belong’ there. Not that I don’t believe that music truely is an expressive art and that it’s not all about getting some tail, but it just really didn’t make sense to me why he would be comign to the Vogue and not going to LuLu’s or something like that.

I wonder if there ever really is a cut-off or if it is more a “If you look the age, it’s ok”??