more random poems


I used to be at the bar every night,
now you’ll find me staying in.
I used to be a loser,
now’s my time to win.
I used to love so easily,
now my heart has turned to stone.
Sometimes I feel I need you,
so do I need to be alone?


Damaging decisions
are the ones I make the best.
Will these sorrows last forever?
I guess time will be the test.
If I was capable of crying,
I would cladly shed a tear.
My body starts to quiver,
Is this illness, or just fear?
I try to crawl to heaven,
but I’m falling strait to hell.
For every action I perfrom,
into my coffin goes a nail.
The hapiest days of my life
may very well have passed.
I feel my chest is caving in,
in an attempt for air- I gasp!