More Questions than Answers…=/

After four years with the same company, i lost my job on Tuesday.

While this may be like a dream come true, as i was beginning to become very unhappy in my position, it is really a jolt in my life.

I have been working since i was 15 and to not have a job is really a scary prospect for me to understand.

I’m looking at this as a chance to figure out what i want to do with my life. For four years i knew that product marketing was what i wanted to spend my life doing. I also assumed I would be with Delta Faucet Company as i climbed that corporate ladder. In four years I was promoted twice and was well on my way to better things. So, now what?

Is product marketing really want i want to do, or is it just what i wanted to do while i was consumed in it!?!?!

Do i venture down a different avenue all together?!?!

Well I find something that makes me happy as well as provide the security i was used to at my previous place of employment.

Not knowing my next move really freaks me out. I did get a relatively decent severance package from Delta, and could potentially take my time trying to figure myself out. But, i would rather be working and saving that severance for future endeavors, like a house.

The market for what i was previously doing is kinda slim…i’m having a difficult time even find anything relative to what i did before.

Does this mean i should just look else where?
Try something new?
How do I know that will make me happy?
Why dont i have this figured out already?

I’m 24, I was hoping to be pretty much settled into what i wanted to do the rest of my life…not sitting at home struggling with my resume asking more questions than a small child.

Ugh, I hate not knowing…not knowing what to do…what my next move is…what i want to do…

I’m sure these are all natural questions to be asking, but it’s a difficult pill to swallow.