MOKB Announces New Ticketing System

SOURCE: MOKB Presents newsletter

We are very pleased to announce that we just signed with Ticketfly to be our new ticketing provider for our MOKB Presents shows at Radio Radio, White Rabbit, Deluxe, and Earth House.

Now wait, before you start gettin’ all grumpy – lets talk this out. We listened to your feedback and this will allow us to do a lot great things that make your concert experience the best it can be.


1. You will have the option to order physical tickets online and have them mailed to you. A lot of you requested this!

2. We have our own ticket printers, which means tickets get to Luna and Indy CD faster

3. You will now have the Print-at-Home Option for all of our shows (no delivery fee for this)

4. We will be using ticket scanners at our shows making your entry to the venue faster

5. Since you can print your tickets at home, no more long will call lines (Earth House shows will be much smoother)

6. You will be able to buy tickets directly through Facebook

7. We get our website fixed

8. We get a lot new bells and whistles that save us about 10 hours a week. Yeah!

So you are wondering will the service fees go up. The answer is yes, but only about .75 cents. We fought hard and went through a number of ticketing companies to keep our fees low. This was a deal breaker for us too. We refused to pass on a bunch of crap fees to our fans. So hopefully you all can stomach an extra .75 cents (on average) per ticket for the greater good.

We start rolling this out over the course of the next two weeks and will keep you posted. You can still purchase tickets to any of our shows via Eventbrite until we make the switch.