MojoStock Preview: Gizzmo; Beard and Beats

mojostock 2013

Who:  Gizzmo

Started: 1996

Currently Dwelling in:  Fort Wayne, formerly Indy, formerly Kokomo

Music:  Drum & Bass, Techno, House, Various forms of electronic music that don’t suck,

Affilates:  IndyMojo, G-9 Collective, SUBterror

BIO:  After emerging from the comet that brought him to earth Gizzmo found a pair of turntables. Little did the people of Earth know that their world had changed. From that point on he proceeded to tackle any form of decent electronic music (i.e. NO TRANCE) and perfect the mixing of it. He can be found anywhere there are Subarus racing or Beats bumping. DO NOT get him wet and DO NOT feed him after midnight.

I asked Gizzmo some questions about his music and his upcoming MojoStock appearance and it was quite the enlightening experience that I’d love to share with you all now.


A.F. Can you give us any sneak peak or describe for us what we can expect to see of you at MojoStock?

Gizzmo:  Some bearded dude playing drum and bass at a loud volume whilst resembling a bobblehead doll of Si from Duck Dynasty.

A.F.  Describe for me, in a few words, the Gizzmo sound experience.

Gizzmo:  It really depends on the mood of the room (or tent in this case).  I’m a drum and bass guy through and through.  I usually play what I would describe as “runnin” or “high energy” dnb.   I’ve also been known to play dubstep (not the brostep shit most listen to; bass music with soul) as well as techno, house, and hip-hop.

A.F.  Share with us some history. Give me the condensed version of your musical voyage thus far.

Gizzmo:  Honestly, I didn’t get into playing music until I started going to raves in 95-ish.  Something about it hit me and I ran with it.  Got some belt drive Gemini turntables at Christmas that year and started playing techno.  Then I heard a mix-tape by Phantom 45 called “Think Twice” (I still have an mp3 version I rock out to) and I was immediately a junglist.  Had some friends get into the turntablist world in Kokomo where I grew up so I was blessed to learn some scratching to go with the mixing, as well as being exposed to real, underground hip-hop.   Once the Serato/Traktor world came around and I could play ANY mp3 I had through turntables, I got into playing house and later dubstep.

A.F.  Tell us 5 artists who musically rock your world right now…they don’t have to be “new.”

Gizzmo:  My biggest influence ever as a DJ is UFO! That guy is a madman on the decks and has more creativity in his toenails then probably 80% of the world. Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age front man); everything that guy touches is pure gold.   The G9/Mojo DJs.  These guys ALL put loads of heart and soul into their craft and push me to keep up!  Bad Religion.  Do I really need to say anything here?  Pennywise.  I’ve been on a punk rock and alt rock kick for a few years now really.  I don’t listen to much “edm” unless I’m out at an event.

AF:  Favorite MojoStock Memory?

Gizzmo:  People remember that weekend?!?!  On the real though, when Shiva and I did a techno tag team 4 turntable set.  There were people with inflatable pool toys dancing about and at one point a beach ball skipped one of my records mid-mix.  The having an AMAZING mix of two techno classics sucked, seeing the beach ball post set with “SHIZZMO” and “DON’T HIT THE DJ” written on it in sharpie made up for it.

 A.F.  Where can the kids go to hear some of your sounds?

Gizzmo:  Soudcloud doesn’t get changed as I’m too cheap to pay for “pro”

bunch of my live mixes (as well as just about every other local and some headlining dj)


Make sure you catch Gizzmo’s set at MojoStock on Saturday July 27th at 5:00 p.m. at the Tent Stage!