MojoStock Preview: Gettin’ Deep with Six Four Commodore


Six Four Commodore

  • Launched:  2012
  • Genre:  House
  • Members:  Christopher Mooney (Formerly DJ Declan)
  • Hometown:  Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Record Label:  Funk You, Inc. 
  • Influences:  Format: B, Bryan Jones, DJ Dan, Clyde Donovan, Christopher Lawrence, Wolfgang Gartner, Umek, Joey Beltram, Paranoid Jack, Joey Fanatic, The Major Boys; the list goes on.  
  • BIO


I recently traveled to Fort Wayne to check out a Funk You, Inc. production of some excellent House music and it was well worth the trip.  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to today’s featured MojoStock artist, Six Four Commodore.  He voluntarily agreed to cooperate with this interview without me having to use violence or drug him in any way, so that was a pleasant surprise.  Check out Six Four Commodore’s thoughtful answers to these questions and be sure to check him out Saturday night at MojoStock on the local stage at 11:00 p.m.

  • AF:  Can you give us any sort of preview…or maybe give us a broad description of what we might expect to see/hear from you at MojoStock this year?
SFC-I love the idea behind the booking of Mojostock. You never know what to expect from the artists, because there is so much diversity on the lineup. I’m playing the second stage on Saturday from 11:00-Midnight; I feel like I will be a great warm up before Twin Cats take the band stage, and with the lineup getting progressively more aggressive on the main stage, I think I’ll take the audience somewhere different. I look to set a deeper groove vibe to my set. I know it’s cliche, especially for a House DJ, but I want to lay some tracks down with a story to tell. 
A.F.  That’s an intriguing answer!  I’m very much looking forward to checking out your set!  Describe for me the Six Four Commodore sound experience for our readers who may be seeing or hearing you for the first time this year at MojoStock.  
SFC- Lately my sets have been pushing the idea that I can go from 128ish to 118ish bpm or visa versa in an hour. I have no problem bangin’ the whole time, but with my taste in music, I can’t sit at one bpm when I have so much I want to play. It’s hard to be a House DJ with two different sides to the genre,  the faster big room tracks and the slower groove tracks, being popular in their own rights right now at the same time. 
A.F.  Can you tell me some history?  Give me some background on your musical roots, and your musical voyage thus far.
SFC- I started out spinning Trance and Electro House on vinyl in 2002.  From there, I went on to Hardcore that ranged from 180-300 bpm. Kill you dead kinda shit. I took a hiatus from music for about 4 years, and got back into it around 2009. When I came back, I played Electro, but when I looked around, I noticed how Techno and Dubstep were about the only genres being represented in my area. House needed a shot to the arm.
Shortly after establishing Funk You, Inc. at the end of 2009, the company started focusing primarily on House and Breaks; two genres missing in the overall view of the music scene here. If Jungle or Techno would’ve been missing, we may have done that. But the idea was to preserve a bit of history by planting our feet down and bringing the sound back around Fort Wayne in a more exposed way.
From there, things took off. My focus now is helping younger DJs get started or to hit their next level. Most of our guys are producing as well as DJing. We get together in one way or another at least 3 times a week to keep up with each other and work on our goals. Music went from being a hobby to being more of a family activity for the group. When we play out, we want the audience to feel what we are up to, and what we are rockin’ out to.
My business partner Joey Fanatic and I created The House Shoe Playas as a way to play sets with more than one of our crew jumping in, all with different styles. HSP will be playing in Chicago, Detroit, and Indy within the next two months, so it will be great to road trip with the guys and throw down for various crowds. Yes, we actually do wear house shoes. 
A.F.  That’s pretty amazing that you all meet up like a little family throughout the week to work together and help each other out.  Also, I have to see these house shoes…maybe you all could come out with your own shoe line?  I can say with certitude that I’d be rockin’ those on the regular.  
Tell me 5 people who are musically rocking your world right now.  They don’t have to be current or “new.”  And why.
SFC- DJ Dan always rocks my world. He’s the reason I bought decks. Anything from his “Live at Ruby Skye” mix to the latest in his podcast series gets me going. The fact that he is as amazing off the decks as he is on them, has given me a whole new appreciation for the music industry.
DJ Mes is also a great DJ for Househeads to listen to. His set from WMC in 2012 was life changing for me as far as mixing style.
Bryan Jones has always been a big favorite of mine. I’ve known the guy for 13 years now, and he’s always doing something that changes House. You don’t realize it at the time, but he’s always onto something. Seeing him team up with Hugh Cleal from Coyote Cuts to form Golf Clap was amazing. They went from two guys who are well known, to forming a name that no one knows, to making hit records and re-marketing themselves as something completely different. In an age where DJ/producers sit in their own demise and cry about how things use to be, it’s nice to see an example of how to make your music career expand and move on.
I’m not the kind to jump on bandwagons, but I kinda caught the Dirty Bird bug in May. I caught Claude Von Stroke and Justin Martin’s tag set for NightSneak’s after party at Movement. I like some of the tracks they produce, but their set was brilliant. I would love to see some more of that, for sure.
DJ E-Clyps here in Fort Wayne has been doing a great job for years, and is killing it on the charts right now. Not only has he been a big part of keeping a scene going here back in the day, but he’s taken time to help guys like me along with more than just music. He’s help give some of us a good lesson in the ups and downs of the local scene, the industry, and life in general. He may tell you something you don’t like, but honesty gets you everywhere when you are trying to help preserve a scene.
From this list, you see it’s more than just listening to an artist’s music. Dan, Bryan, Hugh, and E-Clyps have all been great friends to me, and proved to me you are far better off keeping true to yourself along the path of your career, than being something you aren’t.
 A.F.  All GREAT guys and heroes of mine as well!  You guys did an awesome job bringing DJ Dan and Golf Clap to Fort Wayne recently.  That was a great night and you guys know how to throw a party.  I would recommend that more Indy people make it up to your events whenever possible  You don’t disappoint!  
What is your favorite MojoStock memory?
SFC- Last year was my first MojoStock. I met Matt Ramsey and Matt Duncan  at their Coke Lot party at the Indy 500 in May, and both of them were great guys right off the bat. Matt ended up giving me the chance to rep Fort Wayne at MojoStock later that summer, and I had a great time. The green room at MojoStock is by FAR the most hospitable perk for DJs I have come across yet. If you don’t have a great time playing at MojoStock, you aren’t trying at all. It was my first real date with my current girlfriend, and the guys showed her my white girl drunk side in no time. Any time I go to Indy, I have an amazing visit, and MojoStock is the summer event I don’t want to miss. I’d love to see how many I can get under my belt in the next few years. 
A.F.  What do you want people to take away with them from your show?
SFC- I look to rep Funk You Inc., Fort Wayne, and House music in general. I try to bring something different to the table every time I play. I don’t put out mixes often because I am literally changing my style every time I play a set somewhere. In fact, the only reason I put out my last mix was because it was live at my girlfriend’s birthday at Tronic up here, and she wanted her friends to be able to download it. So really, if it wasn’t for her support, you would have to catch everything I do live. I want a crowd to feel what I play, and get a sense of why I love those tracks. Relating with others through music is a wonderful experience.  
 A.F.  Where can folks go to hear your sound?  
SFC- is where you can find the crew, and we post sets there frequently. As far as me, you can check out my SoundCloud page set at
A.F. Sum up Funk You, Inc.‘s focus.
SFC- I would say our main focus is helping to keep true EDM stay represented in our own town. Traveling and playing for all of you is a blessing, a privilege, that some DJs take for granted.  To quote one of my favorite tracks, “I’m not into this to be travelin’ around the mothafuckin’ world, I’m not into this to impress anyone, I’m into this for my own heart and soul“. I can honestly say that everyone in our crew feels the same way, with our heart and soul being fulfilled connecting with people on a real level. If I walk out with ONE person telling me they felt something from this track or that, then I did my job and I’m more than happy to have been a part of it. I appreciate the fact that this is something I love and I can see how far we can get with it just being ourselves and not sacrificing integrity to be more than that. 
Funk You, Inc.
Thank you, Six Four Commodore for your insight and for really putting your heart and soul into what you do.
Check out his set on Saturday night on the Local Stage at 11:00 p.m.
The rest of the MojoStock lineup can be found HERE.