Mojostock Preview: An Intimate Moment with jFET


The jFET Project began in early 2011 by Producer / DJ “Jangatha.” After over 50 house music releases on some of the most respected labels in both digital and vinyl format, the need to seek fresh sounds was instilled and inspired by the edgy bass music arena. The focus is rather simple, to push fresh hype sounds in any BPM it fits best.  His debut EP reached #15 on the Beatport Dubstep Release charts, and caught the attention of several respected blogs including The Untz. 2012 included a release from Play Me Records as part of the New Blood of Dubstep. With support from international touring acts such as Figure, Ajapai, and Reid Speed, we will be hearing much more to come from this eclectic project.

I recently had a moment to catch up with Mojostock veteran jFET and ask him a couple of burning questions.

AF:  Give me a preview. What can the kids expect to see/hear out of your set this year at MojoStock?

jFET: See: a handsome gay male. Hear: heavy bass music meant to incite riots.

AF:  Describe for me, in a few words, the jFET sound experience; use adjectives.  Be descriptive.

jFET:  Horny, abusive, exhilarating, & cucumbers.

AF:  Give me some history. Give me the ADHD condensed version of your musical voyage thus far.

jFET:  The EDM scene moves so fast now and people are cool that there really aren’t any rules anymore. I’ve enjoyed making and playing music all across the board.

AF:  Give me 5 people who musically rock your world; past or present, any genre, GO!

jFET:  Underworld, Leftfield, Skrillex, Tupac, & Jangatha

AF:  Favorite MojoStock Memory?

jFET: I don’t think I can share that one on here, lol. Next best is watching Reid Speed get down to my set :)

AF:  Where can the kids go to hear some of your bitchin’ tracks?

jFET:  Spotify, beatportiTunessoundcloud.


You will not want to miss jFET’s set!  See him Saturday night in the EDM tent at Mojostock less than two weeks from NOW!  General admission tickets are available here for $65. Check your favorite Mojostock artists’ Facebook page for a promo code to save $5 and put some money in their pocket.

jFET’s Beatport tracks can be found here:

Check him out on iTunes here:

or Facebook stalk him here: