Mojostock Preview: A Few Words With Hyryder’s Charlie Morgan


A local favorite, Hyryder will be owning the Jam stage Saturday at Mojostock. Known for their detailed improvisational live performances, these guys know a thing or two about delivering an unforgettable performance. With the collaboration of these artists’ musical knowledge and jam experience, together they create their own spin on the music of the Grateful Dead and other like-minded jam bands.

For those of you seeing Hyryder for the first time this weekend, you’ll quickly discover that they’re much more than “just a phish and dead cover band”. Each set is thoroughly unique, with the majority of their performances acoustic. They create a┬ábeautifully psychedelic aura of energy on the stage, all while projecting it to the audience in proper fashion. Consequently, Hyryder continues the tradition of the music never stopping, creating a must see show for all you looking to get your daily dose of tasty jams. So come on down for one more Saturday night. :)

LK: What would you say is your favorite part about Mojostock?

CM: The thing I enjoy most about it is seeing it build. When you first start there’s not a big crowd but still people you know. As the years progress it gets bigger and bigger. There’s more people and everybody’s just having a good time. It’s really cool to see people I know putting together a good festival.

LK: When did Hyryder begin and how was the band formed?

CM: Well we formed in 2008 and just out of the sheer love for the Grateful Dead. We basically do that and just really enjoy and play the music as if it’s our own. It’s a very deep, spiritual feeling playing their music. Very blessed to be able to do that. It’s the “music of my church”, and all that however corny you want to put it.

LK: What would you say is the best experience you’ve had playing?

CM: The greatest thing is playing in new places and people coming up to you and just being blown away. On top of that people who have seen us a bunch and they come up and say ya know, I’m having a rough time in my life right now and you guys come out and play and that’s the BEST part of my week. It’s very humbling and I never know what to say to something like that just because I just do it – I’m doing it and I know people are affected by it but that’s deep. Someone can have a rough week or rough relationship and stuff like that, and they come and see us and forget about that for awhile – that’s powerful.

LK: What’s one of the greatest accomplishments or memories for Hyryder thus far?

CM: We actually played down in Nashville Tennessee this past weekend at the “Exit-In”. They have names of all the bands who have played there, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, REM, Guess Who, Greg Allman, Chuck Berry. There’s pictures of Chuck Berry on the same stage that we played on. For never being down there before, we had like 200 people there and we melted their faces and they were all for Hyryder. I know that if we go out we can really do something. That’s a great feeling.