Mojostock Lineup Announcement: Band Stage Performers

Joining headliners The Twin Cats and Eumatik, as well as previously announced New Old Cavalry and Cosby Sweater on the band stage this year at Mojostock 2012….

Indianapolis, IN

The Max Allen Band (MAB) is a stunningly full sounding trio whose music can be described as an 8-up combination of musical genres. You never know what will be on any given night’s set list: Reggae, Rap, Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz… the list goes on.

Interview with Max Allen Band before Mojostock 2011!

Chicago, IL

Midwest Hype defines urban garage jazz. Hip-hop flow, unforgettable vocal melodies, punching horn lines, immaculate jazz improvisation, dance floor mayhem, tight pocketed compositions, a spectrum of all colors, a refreshing youthful breath in today’s digital world. A celebration and motivation to create a better life, make the day glow.

Midwest Hype has had a string of successes recently. Starting with a slot at Summer Camp 2010 they have played the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Fest, the Indianapolis 500, Green Music Festival, opened for the Wailers and GIRL TALK, and performed at this year’s North Coast Music Festival with Thievery Corporation, Wiz Kalifa, David Guetta and more.

They will soon be releasing a new Mixtape in preperation for their upcoming EP release titled Dayglow produced by Steve Gillis (formerly of Filter) at Chicago’s Transient Studios.

Muncie, IN
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MC Sparkplug is Tony Z and Lanie. They are a blend of hip hop and comedy over electronic beats. Sparkplug’s songs are about their relationship, their love for music, and whatever fictional stories they come up with. It’s been called hippy-hip-hop, conscious hip-hop, and unclassifiable by people who have never heard anything quite like it. MC Sparkplug has played with bands of every genre from bluegrass and electronic to rock and rap. Their beats are made by Tony Z and the lyrics are written by the couple together.

Bloomington, IN

You’re about to embark on a very exciting adventure.
A journey which along the way will bring to you new color,
new dimension and a new experience.
Let your minds eye go wild.

Every atom of your being is animated by its action.

From an invisible source comes blunted breaks,
deep bass, ethnic elements from around the world, lush keyboards,
warm brass and samples from the caverns of yore…

The music emitting from this jukebox takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey
thru the past, present and future. A deep space beam which hints at
dub, hip hop, downtempo, soul, funk, latin, jazz.
All captured forever in Hi-Fi.

…I am one with its rhythm…

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN
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Blue Moon Revue is a rock n’ roll band from Indianapolis. The band has toured nationally and released 3 albums. Dave, Andy and Matt have been writing music together for the last 10 years.

Indianapolis, IN

We bring different flavors of rock, blues, soul, and folk to the stage with a mixture of harmony and beats. We utilize our ability to play multiple instruments to make a two-girl band. Come out and check us out!

Columbus, IN

Megan Maudlin is a 25 year old folksinger/songwriter from Columbus, IN. Born and raised in the midwest, Maudlin has been performing on stage for over 10 years. At age 8, she discovered a passion for singing and began studying with a local instructor. After ten years of study, Maudlin became a trained Opera singer who planned on singing classically at the music school of her choice. However, after the gift of an acoustic Alvarez guitar, Maudlin quickly began writing folk songs and implemented the guitar as a permanent fixture of her performance. Maudlin’s biggest influences include Bob Dylan and Ani Difranco, as well as a wide variety of 60’s music that her parents raised her on. She has performed for thousands during midwest music festivals, but claims her most proud moment occurred last year when she was asked to open one of her other folk idols, Todd Snider. Maudlin continues to perform throughout the midwest in hopes of branching out throughout the country. Her powerful pipes and soulful writing invite others to enjoy an intimate performance every time.

Indianapolis, IN

Drawing on influences with socially conscious lyrics such as Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco & Common and also bringing the passion and flare of more mainstream artists such as Drake, Eminem & Fabolous; Brad Real is a part of socially conscious poetic rap scene, but at times, with a mainstream sound…

…effectively bridging the gap between the two audiences.

Refusing to conform to the stereotypes of today’s hip hop scene, Brad strives to stay true to his beliefs and how he was raised. Focusing more on lyrical content than catchy hooks, he wants nothing more than to give back to the art-form that has given him so much already. Brad Real was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Surrounded by Midwestern roots, his music reflects the life he has lived and the experiences he has gained. As any listener will find, Brad has the ability to take his thoughts and ideas and apply them in a way that makes the listener feel like they are a part of the song.

Real’s first album “The Battle Within: Volume 1” quickly became a fan favorite. Teaming up with local music producer Nick J, the album has been the ultimate tool for Brad Real to burst onto the music scene. In 2010, Real had two major releases, the buzz-worthy, full length album, “Married to the Music”, also produced by Nick J, was released on March 16, 2010. This was followed by his most recent release, the free EP, “He’s the Jibber – I’m the Jabber”.

Many of Real’s tracks have received airplay across the country on both over the air stations and internet based stations, including national blogs such as Kevin Nottingham and Noise Porn. His music can be heard in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida; even internationally in Argentina. Real’s three most recent music videos, “Let Yourself Go”, “Mumble”, and “Rise Above”, have been in rotation on IMC-TV.

Brad Real has performed at many of the Midwest’s hottest venues, including Birdy’s, Bently’s, the Vollrath and the Vogue. Either as a headliner, or sharing the stage with the likes of Mudkids, Rusty Redenbacher, A.C.E. O.N.E., Son of Thought, or national touring acts, he brings tremendous energy to each performance.

Indianapolis, IN

Terre Haute, IN
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deek. has stormed the local indiana music scene with a vengeance starting in late 2010. The eloquent melodies, psychedelic soundscapes, riveting layers of glitched out drum patterns, and ambient scenes have taken listeners and audience through a journey of spiritual enlightenment and free form movement. Establishing a connection between himself in 2011, deek. is excited to see what 2012 has to offer!

deek. has helped the regrouping of the electronic music scene in Terre Haute,Indiana where he currently hold the residency at The Verve which has emerged as a local hangout spot for many uprising DJ’s and local music lovers.

Mojostock 2012

July 27th and 28th at Sleepybear Campground
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Mojostock 2012