Mojostock Artist Spotlight: Jamie Nichole

As the new year begins to unravel, restless minds are already fast forwarding through the dreary doldrums of winter and fantasizing about the exciting possibilities for this summer’s music events. Locally, the festival community is already planning for the annual installment of Springfest at Muncie’s Waterbowl. In Indianapolis, Mojostock and Knollfest are common topics of discussion in the music scene.

While Mojostock awaits the release of Live Nation’s summer schedule to pin down an exact date (the festival is held at Sleepy Bear Campgrounds across from the Verizon Wireless ampatheater), the festival’s organizers are already actively seeking out the best of the best in local talent for the 2nd annual Mojostock. Enter: Snodgrass Entertainment and The Acoustic Live Challenge.

The three-month-long competition featured a spectrum of local talent from seasoned veterans and rookies alike. After ten weeks of competition, Jamie Nichole (from Martinsville, IN) ultimately prevailed as the champion. Among other handsomely rewarding prizes, Jamie landed a spot on the Mojostock 2010 Music Festival lineup.

Although Jamie has recently seen an influx of attention to her musical career, singing and playing instruments has always been a part of her life. Looking back to childhood, Jamie recalls taking piano lessons around age eight.