Mojostock and Oranje: They’re Gonna Be Huge

With the summer solstice rapidly approaching, it seemed a fitting time to reflect on the development of local EDM support over the last six months- starting with, appropriately enough, the Solstice event at Tru Nightclub on December 11, 2009.

Solstice, the brainchild Indy Mojo’s own Matt Ramsey, came to life last year when the power of Mojo collided with an already-tightknit local community of EDM fans and DJ’s. Top it off with Ramsey’s longstanding electronic credentials in the Memphis and surrounding areas, and there was no way something amazing couldn’t happen.

After Solstice came Frequency, Snowpocalypse, Shenanigans, Crop Circles, and Daedelus- a celebration of varying electronic sub-genres once a month, every month, at Tru. The eclectic lineups have included well-known performers such as Baby Anne, Adam Jay, the Disco Aliens, Angel Alanis and Xavier; as well as local favorites such as Manic, Seth Nichols, Taylor Norris, Brian Summers, Psynapse, Wes Clay, Hollowpoint, Jackola, Deanne, Shiva, James B, Dave Owen, and many others.

Furthermore, Indy Mojo and G9 Collective have partnered to produce other events on the side. Their 4.20 event showcased EDM and jam bands in the same building and proved that a cross pollination concert event can happen… even on a Tuesday. The most successful of these hybrid events was Patchwork in May of 2010. In addition to a diverse lineup on the main stage that included sensational dubstep headliner Cyberoptix and wild local hiphopster Grey Granite, Tru’s lounge served as a battleground for an extensive list of Indianapolis DJ’s hopeful for the final available timeslot at this year’s Mojostock Music Festival. Fans in attendance voted for their favorite, ultimately awarding the spot to Just 3 White Guys.

Mojostock’s immense success in 2009 coupled with an ever-increasing demand for electronica in the jam band scene prompted the addition of a side stage for the 2010 installment of the festival, simply named