Mojostock 2013 Band to See: Funky Junk

funky junkThe local music scene in Indiana has seen its fair share of great musical acts rise up and make a name out of themselves, allowing many to fulfill their dreams of being professional, touring musicians. This has been a factor of a great community, an availability of shows to play and outright talent. New comers to the Indy scene, Funky Junk, have all of it and more, bringing a precisely developed sound to local bars and festivals. Primarily, you can catch them at this years Mojostock running July 26th-28th at Sleepybear campground in Noblesville, IN.

Comprised of Jake Dugan (electric guitar), Andrew Trefny (electric guitar), Troy Wingert (bass) and Chandler Pickard (drums), this 4-piece jam band has steadily risen within the Indy music scene in a little over a year. Heavily influenced by musicians such as Phish, The Grateful Dead and The Talking Heads just to name a few, they have a bass slapping, wildly controlled guitar jamming sound that infectiously makes every passer-by hop into a lil dance groove. With weekly and monthly gigs currently booked around Indy, as well as a slew of regional festivals, they are confidently making a name for themselves.

Funky Junk recently played a show this winter with well-known regional artists The New Old Cavalry and Glostik Willy. In a test to their marketing prowess, these bands drew in over 500 people to the show, with as little as a weeks worth of notice to promote. They will be returning to do this again this November where it would not be unrealistic to expect numbers to double.

In the midst of developing and releasing their first EP, Funky Junk has developed a very strong catalog of original music filled with playful, yet inspiring lyrics. From the song “Slopness Monster”, Troy Wingert sings, “All of my friends, what would I do without, always so rowdy, screaming the hoot and shout, Please forgive us for our evil ways, from sunrise to tour, gotta keep us going for days.” In “Slopness”, Wingert develops a heavy bass line that makes your hips move in sync as his fingers slide up and down the bass. Another original, “Break”, is a feel-good jam with Andrew Trefny on vocals and Jake Dugan on lead Guitar that hits all of us hard working young-adults with lyrics like, “Sit down, be easy on yourself, don’t let this job stress you out, we all seem to need ourselves a break, lets go somewhere easy and grab ourselves a drink.”

Funky Junk will be helping open up Saturday afternoon of Mojostock at noon on the Barn Stage. More info on Funky Junk can be found via their Facebook page; stream music on Sound Cloud. Tickets to Mojostock can be purchased online here, as well as at the door until there are no more.