Mojostock 101: Food (part one)

Most festival weekends involve at least a couple hours of travel and anywhere from two to four nights of camping. In these cases, my party always brings a grill and food to cook. In large part, because it’s a money-saver, but it’s also nice to relax and fix a good meal together while relaxing at the home base.

This year at Mojostock, the Sleepybear Grill will be in business selling burgers, fries, hotdogs, and breakfast for hungry festival attendees. In preparation for Mojostock 2011, Sleepybear has remodeled their garage and turned it into a fully-functioning kitchen. If making your own food at the festival sounds like too much work, rest assured there will be an easy and convenient option for you during your stay at Mojostock.

But to some, grilling is an art form. And grilling at a festival, surrounded by hundreds of people, is the perfect time to find recognition and praise for being one helluva cook. Stay tuned for Mojostock 101: Food (part two) for ways to get fancy on the grill during a festival.

Right now, though, a few pointers on the basics (with beginning chefs in mind).


Understand that you need a lot of stuff to do it right.

Grill. I suggest gas for its controlled temperature and quick heat time. Charcoal gives a better taste, but it’s time-consuming and also requires proper cooling and disposal.

Propane or charcoal and lighter.

Cooking utensils (spatula, tongs, skillet, and more)

Cleaning supplies (dish soap, bucket, scrubber, etc.)

Other miscellaneous items (aluminum foil, paper towels, plates, etc.)


Trust me; I’m a professional.

You can’t go wrong with the basics: hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner; bacon and eggs for breakfast. Consider these tips and ideas:

Cover your grill with foil and poke holes in it when cooking on the racks. It’s less cleanup for later.

• Do as much advance prep work as you can. Pro-tip: Portion and freeze your individual hamburgers a few days before the festival.

• If you are keeping a food item in your cooler (even if it’s in your food cooler), DOUBLE BAG EVERYTHING.

Cook bacon first and use the grease to scramble the eggs. Pro-tip: Make an aluminum foil ‘bowl’ to hold and cool excess grease if there’s too much left over to cook the eggs in. Just make sure you throw it away so that nobody steps in it.

Keep an eye on your ice, especially in the second half of the weekend. Bring cash to buy replenishment on-site.

Bring chips as a quick and easy side to your burgers and hot dogs. Pro-tip: purchase a variety box of single serving chips. It increases the likelihood of pleasing everyone’s chip preference. Single serve bags also enforce controlled portions; if you’ve ever consumed an entire bag of Doritos in a munchies-frenzy, you’ll appreciate that.

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