Mojostock 101: Advanced Nomz & Breakfast Jamz

Continued from Mojostock 101: Food (Part One).

In the last Mojostock 101 blog, I covered the basics of cooking while camping. But with a little extra time and effort, you can spice up the basics and put a little extra oomph in your meals.

Read on for my own personal methodology, as well as extra-fancy cooking recipes from Indy Mojo’s own CPet, historically the best chef at Mojostock.


• To accompany your bacon and eggs, buy a package of hashbrown patties and keep frozen until the festival. After you’ve cooked the bacon, toast hashbrowns in a dry spot on your skillet (i.e. where grease is not standing). Flip frequently and remove when golden brown. Later, moments before your scrambled eggs are done, add hashbrowns and mix thoroughly.

Bonus: sauté onions while toasting hashbrowns and mix well.

For the finest in campground cooking, consult IndyMojo resident chef CPet’s blog: CPet’s Recipe Guide to Outdoor Cooking: The Breakfast Edition for recipes on grill-top biscuits and gravy, breakfast mash-up, and bloody mary’s.

• Pack something substantial to eat in your cooler or pantry that does not require cooking. In the middle of daytime festivities (beer pong, Edward 40 Hands, dancing, slip’n’sliding, etc.) it’s hard to sneak away and cook a meal. I recommend lunchmeat-and-bagel sandwiches with cheese, but the possibilities are really endless. Be creative. Collaborate. Challenge yourself.

Bonus: Prepare a head of lettuce and slice an onion at home in advance of the festival to turn your lunchbox classic into a gourmet snack. In case you missed it in the last blog, double bag EVERYTHING. Triple bag the onions.

Although nearly foolproof and always satisfying, there are plenty of alternatives to the standard hamburger.

Jambalaya: I am loyal to the Zatarain’s brand, but there are plenty of options on the grocery shelf. In advance of the festival, slice a package of Kilbasa sausage and freeze. At the festival, simply boil water, add sausage and jambalaya mix, simmer, and serve.

Homestyle Bakes: Similar to the jambalaya box meal above, this pizza skillet dish comes with everything you need inside. Boil water, sauce, meat, and noodles. Simmer, let stand, add cheese topping. Alternative option: ditch the canned meat if it weirds you out and fry up your own sausage and pepperoni before boiling water and cooking the meal.

Chef CPet recommends: brats’n’beer bath, K-Bobs: Cpet-style, BBQ spare ribs, and bacon-wrapped chicken in his guide to outdoor cooking: the main dishes edition.

While on the topic of breakfast at Mojostock, Ft. Wayne-born and Muncie-based DJ Turtle Matt (who has been active in the Indianapolis EDM scene for years) will play a special Saturday morning set at 11 o’clock on the tent stage.

Last year, Turtle Matt arrived at Mojostock early on Sunday Morning after a late-night performance at a hookah bar in Broad Ripple. Pleading for approval to play a morning set, Matt protested, “They don’t wanna hear birds; they wanna hear BASS.” With a little persuasion, he talked his way into performing a delicately executed set of liquid house music whose gentle beats and soulful melodies were like subliminal messages that it was time for Sunday to begin.

Expect the same mellow nudge out of bed from Matt again this year.

All Vinyl Disco House Mix by turtlematt

Local up-and-coming acoustic darlings (and semi-finalists in the recent Acoustic LIVE Challenge) Jessie and Amy will also play Saturday morning at 11 a.m. on the jam stage.