Mojostock 101: 3 Things You Didn't Think About

With less than one week until Mojostock, you should have most of your questions answered and plans made by now. In a last-minute effort to share my festival wisdom with you, here are three things you probably didn’t think about and two very important things to remember this weekend.

Three Things You Didn’t Think About

1.) It might rain, but the festival will still go on. Be prepared to protect your body with a poncho (a cheapie from the dollar store will do the trick) and keep your feet dry with rubber boots in the event of rain. Undoubtedly, the gear will make you look ridiculous… but you’ll be dry. And I guarantee no matter how bad you look in a poncho, somebody else will always look worse.

2.) B.Y.O.G.S. (bring your own glow sticks). Don’t wait for somebody to adorn you; come prepared with your own glowing bracelets, necklaces, belts, and headbands. Get creative and be a trend-setter. Throw them into the sky by the handful. Attach them to inanimate objects. Dance with them woven between your fingers. Stick them in your hair. Put them in your gauged ears. Attach them to plants, trees, and people. Write words in the grass with them.

Photo via

Be innovative with your glow sticks.
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Personalize your campsite. With rumors floating around of an expected sell-out at Mojostock 2011, chances are good the campgrounds will be fuller than ever before. Make it easy to find your tent at night by adorning it with glowsticks and battery-operated strings of lights and lanterns. In the day time, decorate with banners, balloons, cardboard cutouts, streamers, and flags. I mean, it will be your home for two full days, right? Make it comfortable and cozy to live in, as well as easy to tell all the new friends you’ll be making how to meet up with you later. “We’re on the western edge of the campgrounds with the flag that says ‘INDY’ attached to a flagpole with a green butterfly at the top. If you see yellow paper lanterns everywhere, that’s my place!”

My campsite marker at Wakarusa 2011.
Photo by C-Style Photography.

Two Things You Don’t Want To Forget
If I had to boil everything down and choose only two items of advice for a successful Mojostock weekend, I would pick the two age-old pieces of information that your mother has been telling you since you were a child:

Drink water. Especially considering the recent heat wave, staying hydrated is one of the most important things to remember at a music festival. It’s also a common rookie mistake that can be easily avoided. Remember from Mojostock 101: Beverages, a good rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person, per day. Bringing it is the first step; remembering to drink it is the second step.

Wear sunblock. If you tell me you’re working on a base-burn that will eventually turn into a nice tan, I’ll tell you you’re an idiot. Tanning oil and SPF 30 are worthless, in my opinion. Always over-protect yourself from the sun and use waterproof/sweatproof, high-SPF lotions or sprays. Ask a friend to get your back, because I guarantee you can’t cover it nearly as evenly as they can. And just like with water, bringing sunblock is only half the battle. Make sure you also apply it frequently throughout the day.

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