Mojo’s Mongrels run the Trap!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon the Mousetrap was besieged by a host of canines. These pups were not a ravenous pack of wild beasts roaming the streets, but rather members and supporters of the Mojo Mongrels. The Mongrels are Indy Mojo’s team for the Human Society of Indianapolis’ annual Mutt Strut fundraiser. The Mutt Strut itself isn’t for another few weeks, however this past Sunday the team assembled for their own fundraiser prior to the event.

All Photos by Lacey Corn of BlackByrd Studio

Unknown Tongue of DOOM!!! – All Photos by Lacey Corn of BlackByrd Studio

The mood was festive as everyone gathered to enjoy some BBQ, Sun King beer, and the beautiful weather. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages could be found playing, barking, rolling in any dirt they could find, and more frequently sniffing any and every butt within range. The pups pulled out all the stops as they displayed their best tricks from jumping three times their own height, to howling “I love you”, to pulling their best Skywalker on Hoth and trying to tangle up all the humans.

Pup enjoying his birds eye view from his owner's backpack.

Mousetrap bartender Troy & his pup Taco enjoying a birds eye view – All Photos by Lacey Corn of BlackByrd Studio

The Mousetrap provided delicious barbequed chicken and hot dogs. Other attendees pitched in and brought various vegetarian sides to present a well-rounded spread for the day.

Mojo fixture and in-house dreadlocked ginger David Denman was there with his always-friendly pup Ursula and spoke a little about the event, “I have participated in the walk two years with Indy Mojo; the BBQ was a lot of fun and we both had a blast.”

This year North Paws Pet Care- a local pet care service that offers dog walking, daily care visits, and post-veterinary care- also came to join the festivities. They educated Mojos Mongrels about their services, including their unique pet care subsidy program that takes their own profits from the business and helps local pet-owning families in need so that they need not surrender their pet to a shelter. More info is available on their website.

Mojo Writer Rachel with her boyfriend and pup showing their love for the Humane Society

Mojo writer Rachel Hanley with boyfriend John and pup Cleo showing their love for the Humane Society – All Photos by Lacey Corn of BlackByrd Studio

Mojo has participated in the Mutt Strut for the past five years. This year they hope to continue growing their team and supporting the Humane Society of Indianapolis. There is still time to sign-up to walk with Mojos Mongrels at The Mutt Strut, or to make a donation. Be sure to look out for volunteers at the 420 celebration this weekend who will accept your donation in exchange for some delicious baked goods. Talk about knowing your target market.

Regular annual Mojo Mongrel participants Chris and Yvonne Noland were also in attendance with their pups Izzy and Balou. “We love seeing the Pits and Great Danes, and there always seems to be a troop of dachshunds running around,” the couple commented on Sunday. Balou, their one year-old Pit, is a rescue dog, so the Noland’s  understand the joy and happiness that can come from adopting a pup in need.

Mutt Strut 2014 with Mojos Mongrels

When: Saturday April 26th, 2014. Gates open at 9:30 am. with plenty of activities before the actual walk begins at 11:00am.

Where: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Who: Anyone that wants to support the Humane Society of Indianapolis (Dog not required)

How: Donate or join Mojos Mongrels on the team website