// Mojo Mondays \ An event so cool, we made our own t-shirts

For me it’s already Monday, around 2:30am, but I’m guessing that you are reading this later in the morning like any other normal human being would.

I just wanted to let you all see how cool Mojo Mondays will be today on the circle. It’s so cool that Kim and I stayed up this late just so that we could make some sweet ass t-shirts for the occasion.

Me and my man Helicon, who will be spinning some hawt tunes during the Mojo Monday shindigs, also put together a little video to let you all know just how excited we both really are.

Yeah, we’re dorks, but damn we have fun.

Hope to see you all on the circle today sometime between 11am and 1pm and make sure to say hi to us – we’ll be the ones in these sweet new shirts.

Back of my new shirt(stop lookin’ at my butt)

I’m soooo MojoTastic, ya’ll.

Back of Kim’s new tank…fabulous, we know.

MojoLicious, indeed my friends.

Ok, time to sleep – enjoy the video below and be sure to Hotbox me with any questions…holla!