Mojo Mofos HIT THE DECKS w/Rudy Kizer

It is safe to say that Hit The Decks on X-103 has been an intricate part of the EDM scene in Indianapolis for quite some time. It is also safe to say that Rudy Kizer is a badass! is very honored to become the presenting sponsor of Hit The Decks on X-103.

Tune into Hit The Decks on X-103 every Sunday night from 10:30pm – 12:30am to hear lots of IndyMojo buzz and details about all the upcoming EDM shows we have brewing.

Much love to Mr. Rudy Kizer for all that he does to support EDM in our fair city!

Rudy Kizer has been a club DJ for over 20 years and a producer and studio engineer for over 15 years. His career in music began as a bedroom DJ in the mid-1980s and progressed to various club and mobile jobs. He did some work on the air in college at WCCR, Purdue University (where he earned a Masters Degree in Metallurgical Engineering). As his interest in music progressed from DJ to producer, Rudy started a short-lived multimedia production company during the internet boom of the late 90s. The goal was to create a complete remixing facility, recording studio, and mastering lab. He produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered projects for a number of bands, vocalists, electronic musicians, and video soundtracks. From 2000-2006, Rudy Kizer was (along with Jonathan Keith) a contributor and the primary producer for WRZX’s