Mojo Hits the Friendly Skies3

Well hello again to all Mojoers!
Today I happen to be hanging out in Ashville NC, which is a beautiful and rich little town. I was sitting in the hotel room all morning chating on here with some friends when I decided to venture outside for a long walk to take in some scenery and lunch. Now there is really not an incredible amount of stuff to do where they put me up for the night but since it is around 75 degrees out here I figure a walk couldn’t hurt me. I have to say this is a great spot if you ever wanted to venture out this way just to take in some sights, camp or whatever. The picture is just off of an overhang near my hotel that looks into a vally near the airport. I threw a Mojo sticker on the tree just to make it “Official”. I couldn’t find anything that said Ashville on it, but trust me I am here.
Until next time
Good Times!