Mojo Hits the Friendly Skies1

Well, here is my first blog entry, so please expect things to be screwed up on and off. I will just figure this out as I go. I guess I should start off by saying that I have been requested to start a blog, that included pictures of my “travels” or as I like to simply state “Job”. Apparently I have gotten lots of good feedback from all of you Mojoer’s about some of the photos that I posted on here about a week ago that had pictures of stickers tagged onto one of my airplanes. So in collaborating with Hup, I have decided to take some more random pics. They will be of places in other states where I go, of more random things, maybe some famous people (depending if I happen to fly them or not) or whatever, but all will somehow incorporate the IndyMojo sticker of course. I will definetly try to get one blog post per week (maybe more), but as I told Hup I can’t promise anything because of my whacky schedule. I hope you will all like whatever I end up posting. Feedback would be great either way. Well I am headed back to work at 3:30am tomorrow morning, I will be on the prowl during my down time to find some interesting photo opps!

This first photo is of us at 35,000ft heading from Fayetville, NW Arkansas to Charlotte, North Carolina at 6am just when the sun was about to rise…Enjoy!

And as always
Good Times!