mojo dodgeball…week two

well gang.

week one was a little rough on the ole gang… but week two was a whole new story. we got our team shirts, and i got crap for the color. hot pink. frankly i think boys look hot in bright pink shirts, so i was in heaven. but, honestly i think it might have made them play a little harder; made them defend their manhood if you will.

we came out strong, on fire, take prisoners sort of ‘tude, and that kept up the whole game. everyone played great, and as a TEAM, which is my main focus. hup wasn’t the first one out every game, dj didn’t scream at the other team for getting someone out, mike g didn’t throw the ball 400 feet higher than their tallest player, steph just didn’t stay there and smile she did make some stellar catches and hopper wasn’t completely sloshed when he came to play.

over all give this team an A- for the final grade.

check out the happenings calendar for the rest of the season. (games played every friday, minus our bye week on the 15th of feb.)

My gallery from The Spot gathering is now up and posted, check em out. I am sure Hup and the rest of our cheerleaders that took photos will have theirs posted soon as well!

Until next friday…