mojo dodgeball… season two

well…we had our first game, and our first loss. shocking since last year we only had 3 i think, BUT we had a blast. i love my team, everyone works well together and although some show up semi-intoxicated we still worked really hard. next week will be a new game. some highlights from last nights opening game.

*natetastic showing up with 8 bowties for the team.

*kpet in his wicked sexy cheerleading digs, but unfort. he forgot “spankies” and all of his man goodness was everywhere.

*mikeG showing up a bit late, but still rocking out his first dodgeball game in 13 years

*having a stellar show up at the spot the newest bar partnership with cca sports.

*man boobs

*myself wiping out after jumping the wooden fence at the spot.

*denny’s: trying to win Steph a pink furry monkey, 205 pieces of rye bread and 4 meals later drew is full, maybe he will run 800 miles today, are you a dipper or a smother-er?, and no jk you really don’t have man boobs.

Stay tuned for updates on the rest of the season, and jump on the LIVE group to find out when the next games will be played so you too can come watch TEAM MOJO throw balls around.

The Rest is History