The South Siders vs. the North Siders has finally arrived, and it comes at a time when competition can’t be fiercer. Here’s the deal.

The North Siders home base is The Spot and every Monday, and the South Siders will call the brand new pub The Mucky Duck it’s home. Each week, we will assign two Generals to lead their respective sides to victory by promoting the hell out of the event on Facebook, through word of mouth, and by recruiting while we are at the events. Whichever side brings out more Mojo members (or recruits new ones) will win for the week. The losing general will then need to perform a dare given to them by the opposing side in order to seal their loss.

The winning general will win a $25 tab and the glory of knowing their side was victory. The losing general will get a $10 consolation tab so they can drink away their shame.

The first week’s generals…

Representing the North Side: JK
Representing the South Side: Smitty

(C’mon, it’s the warm up week, were you really surprised? )


NORTH SIDE ROLL CALL – Mojo Civil War – North Side Event
SOUTH SIDE ROLL CALL – Mojo Civil War – South Side Event