Mojo, by any other name wouldnt be as sweet!

After reading my girl Kyra’s blog, it inspired me to write one of my own on the effects of Indymojo and my life.

I have only been a member of since the beginning of June (i know, not long enough to be getting all mushy, right?…WRONG!).

I’m a born and raised small town Indiana girl who hates cold weather, corn fields, farms, tractors, and anything else country (except my occasional Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Shania Twain). I have an obsession with sunshine, palm trees, beaches, tan skin, big cities, parties, being active, etc. So, I am just about as much out of place as one person can possibly be! (at least the months of October to April!!)

I have talked for years about moving somewhere warm year round and leaving this boring city behind. I’ve been to Florida and loved the weather and the beach, Vegas I loved the never ending list of things to do, Cali is just so different. But, alas, my whole family is here and leaving them is just not something I think I could ever do, and i have a pretty awesome job as well!!

So, I am stuck here…in dreaded, dreary, boring Indiana. But, it doesnt seem that way anymore. I have had just as much fun this past summer, than (and this is pushing it!) my spring break trip to panama city in college! That’s just something I never thought would happen in Indiana for me!

Thanks to IndyMojo I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and experience some amazing times!! I have a list of people that i probably would never have met or had in my life had it not been for this site. I would have never experienced Wild Wednesdays or been able to contribute to such a great cause (Rising from the Ashes).

So, in a nutshell, without Mojo, I could potentially be contemplating leaving this city! And missing out on some of the greatest people and events in Indy!

I’m going to have to go with Kyra and say that Hup is drugging us, because for me to say I want to STAY in Indiana something is definitely going on!!!