Missing Home!!

Hey everyone!! For those who I may not have e-mailed…or just who happened upon my page, I just want to give a big mojo shoutout from the lovely land of Iraq!! But hey…never fear, GOING HOME IS ALMOST HERE!!

But on a more serious note…

I miss home…alot. I miss just getting into my car and driving where ever I want. I miss cooking on a real stove! I miss alot of things people back in the states take for granted. But lemmi tell ya…DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!!!!!!

Even though I am in the Military, I still see the sorry lives other people live in other countries, how there cultures are SO much more differnt than our own and how good I have it here on the main base camp…let alone…back in my own home!! One thing got to me the other day, I was on youtube.com and I wanted to watch a music video…I got blocked…you know why? IT VIOLATED THIS COUNTRIES LAW. How shitty is that? (granted..there was a lot of booty in the video…) But I, as an American serving our wonderful (not) country….couldn’t watch a music video in a forgien land…Messed up huh?Hell..I can’t even watch porn!! (not that a Lady would ever do such a thing!!)

And that leads me to another point…… (forgive me if I rant here…feel free to skip to the bottom more friendly huggy kissy bottom part if you are easily offended!!)

Omg..I wish I could make it more clear to the extremist in this Country that WE HAVE IT GOOD HERE. Even those wacked out conspiracy theorist…really comeon..so what there are cameras on the stop lights to catch you doing something bad…would you rather have to ask permission to even get in your car? Or ladies..who are the extreme feminist type…comeon..give it a break…at least you aren’t in Afganistan and your husband has the right to demand SEX from you every 4 days…(America isn’t that bad on sexism..i’m tellin ya)
So get your heads out of your asses and ENJOY the life the American G.I. provides for you..(even if you don’t really belive we do anything…..we do…TRUST me…we do)

So..now for the warm and fuzzies!!

I’m glad everyone else in mojo land is doing well!! I love seeing pics from Landsharks and HAND, and everywhere else!! It lets me know that things are good in the states and well..I can’t wait to get back in the mix!!

Till next time!!!