Minimum wage hike will not be enough

I am writing in response to the recent federally mandated minimum wage increase.

If you think that the wage increase was untimely, then you try supporting a family on $6.55 an hour. Many of the people who have lost their factory or other jobs, in this recession, are currently working these jobs, if working at all.

I am glad that workers doing the jobs that involve the hardest work, in many cases, are receiving the bump that they so much deserve. Many people offer the solution of finding a better job, but that is not so easy right now. Going to school places a family in further debt that they so dearly cannot afford; grants and scholarships often do not cover all the burden. A health crisis means bankruptcy right now since these workers cannot afford to have insurance taken out of their small paychecks.

This increase still is not enough. America is full of failure right now all the way around. I think it is time for some of these businesses to be creative by taking some pay cuts at the top to sustain and weather the storm. Most small businesses that I know of in the area were already paying their workers above minimum wage, except for teenage help (unemployment for 16-19 year olds is at an all time high right now). The main businesses affected are the ones like Wal-Mart, Kmart, Kroger, fast-food restaurants and so on. They have plenty of money to be creative with. Instead, they will maintain their lofty salaries at the top and cut minimum wage help. Most of us support these businesses, and that is what the American public will receive in return.

I do agree that the hike will not increase spending. People making minimum wage are going under, or are already under, and need every penny they get in their weekly or bi-weekly paychecks. Every bit of it is spoken for before the paycheck even arrives.

Such a great life to have to live; so sorry that it is