Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm: Central Indiana’s Best Haunted Corn Maze


Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm is a short drive to Franklin, just a few miles south of Indianapolis on 65. The haunted corn maze is only $15 and well worth the cost, given the time it takes to complete the maze. Our group spent a solid 45 minutes, but it could easily take more than an hour to find your way out.

Tall stalks of corn offer adequate cover for the countless actors wielding chainsaws throughout, waiting to jump out when you least expect it. Different types of indoor stations along the way create a sense of smothering stuffiness, contrasted by the vulnerability of walking through a corn field – something you simply can’t experience in the city. If you run from a monster in a corn field, you really have nowhere to go.



  • Claustrophobia, Nyctophobia (fear of the dark)
  • Kanayaphobia (fear of chainsaws)
  • Formidophobia (fear of scarecrows)
  • Arachnophobia & Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)
  • Gephyrophobia (fear of bridges)


  • Fresh country air
  • Fun to navigate the cornfield maze
  • Good exercise

Things to watch out for:

  • Haunt is all outdoors and subject to weather. Plan accordingly.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes. Some trails can be steep and/or muddy.
  • Portapotties were ancient and smelled of death. Coprophobia (fear of poop)


puckTry to plan this trip on a cloudless night; you will need the moonlight help your group travel through the darkness. Running from monsters and chainsaws makes navigation through the maze difficult. Getting lost comes with the territory. The haunt also flaunts key farm features including empty corn silos, rickety metal walkways, broken down buses and possessed scarecrows. -Brandon


erin-perkinsThe short ride to the countryside for Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm was scary enough to set the mood for a good old-fashioned back-woods haunt. No flashlights, no cameras, no phone – just you and your friends trying to find the way through a six-foot tall corn maze while being chased by chainsaws. It was worth the drive and money, especially knowing it’s never the same maze year after year. – Erin


brandon-faulknerFine details really made this a great haunt to check out. From a nice fire right beside the entrance line to the downed private aircraft buried nose deep at one of the many ends of this sprawling maze, there are well-planned features around every turn. Having to squeeze through the walls in an almost entirely dark farming silo while being chased by zombies was a thrill. The subtle but intentional rustling of corn behind you as you walk in almost complete silence at times is creepier than any chainsaw could ever be. Actors had perfectly-timed scares and used the darkness to their full advantage—silently sneaking up behind and waiting for us to look back to really come alive. My favorite scare had to have been crawling through the abandoned bus with a maniac stomping around on the roof. –Brandon

morgan-faulknerAfter an anticipation-building drive to Franklin, we were beckoned by an inviting bonfire outside the maze entrance. We gathered around the warmth to procrastinate our fate in the corn maze before finally getting in line. Once surrounded by towering stalks, the creepiness of the situation set in; a corn maze really adds a new psychological element when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere! Knowing that there could be something lurking in between every row of corn put me on edge and it seemed that every little rustling sound startled me. – Morgan


Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm

1650 N. 800 E. Franklin IN 46131

mkpf sched

Dusk to Dark (Non-Fright)  Dark to 11:30 (Fright)


General Admission – $10

Kids 5 and under – FREE

Hayride – $5

Military Discount Available –  I.D. Required