Midwest Hype at The Mousetrap 11/20/09

…continued from Mudkids at The Mousetrap (11/20/09).

Midwest Hype, seasoned veterans in the music festival arena, are a delightful hodgepodge of bright colors, rasta rock, flashy accessories, and good vibes.

The Midwest Hype sound is distinctively reggae-inspired with frequent use of the trumpet, heavy bass lines, and guitarist/vocalist George-Matthew Prellwitz’s rapped lyrics (rapped- as in funky white boy raps). Sometimes they leverage the woodwind section (held down by Ben Morrissey) and float into jazz territory, but then call on Prellwitz’s guitar work to pull back into psychedelia and let his gripping vocals mesmerize the mind.

Inventing the perfect blend of Salvation Army vintage, 80’s pop culture throwback, and modern hippie flare, Midwest Hype dress to impress. Prellwitz adds inches, if not feet, to his height with a dreadlock ponytail gathered atop his head, finished with a wide, pink bandana tied around his temples. Drummer Max Kepler sported the wolf t-shirt that made an appearance in last week’s Midwest Hype video promotion. Kepler added a faux fur vest to graduate the outfit from casual to dapper. Bassist Nate Miller displayed the most adventurous style with a pink t-shirt depicting teddy bears playing across the chest. Later in the evening, while engrossed in extended jam solos, his belly would begin to peak out the bottom. The balance of the band members take a more conservative approach, but this may be a necessary decision to counteract the scrumptious eye candy already in play.

Recognizing the power of a good cover song, Midwest Hype frequently include their famous rendition of