Michael Vick

This guy is tearing it up!!! I have always been a Vick fan and couldn’t believe that he was booted from the NFL. The best decision the NFL made was allowing him to play ball again! Hell look at the Eagles, what a move they made. I mean how worried were Eagle fans when they let McNabb go and all they had left were Vick and Kolb.

Look at what he has done this year. Not counting last year this guys highest rating was 81 something. This year he as a 105+ rating. Thats insane! He is on pace to have career best in many categories and the best thing about it the Eagles are 8-4 with 3 division games coming up. They have already beat NY once, but the next game is in NY. They have Dallas twice and with the way their season has gone the Eagles should crush them. They look really good to win their division and I really see them playing in the NFC championship game!

Back to Vick! Look at his numbers….The touchdowns are not insane, but he has 15, the most he has ever had is 20. This number is the one that’s amazing….2 INTs. Nice! He has thrown for 2200+ yards and looks like he will break his career high for that as well. This guy is an athlete! How could he not win MVP this year?

So they question is do you think the Eagles would be better with McNabb or Vick? Do you think the Eagles will win their division? Will they be play in the Super Bowl?