Mi Hermanos y Hermanas Mexicanos (not all in spanish)

Slavery still exists in America
Only this time a different race was chosen
And you probably see them at work every day
They’re the Mexican people
Mi personas
Chained by the hopes of a better life
For themselves and their families
They are beaten by the protests and insults
Of the same people who benefit from their presence
Every single day
Oh they’re taking our jobs
They are destroying our neighborhoods
They are bringing drugs and violence here
They’re no good to us
Only a burden
They can’t even speak our language
They don’t belong here
Go fuck yourself
The jobs were there because you didn’t want to work them
The neighborhoods were already fucked up to begin with
The drugs and violence weren’t exactly new
And if we are so worthless
Then why the fuck are you all giving us jobs
The Mexican people make up many a vertebrae
In the backbone of this country
Kick out all the Mexicans
Hell, just kick out the illegals
See how many fucking restaurants
Landscaping and construction companies
Not to mention farms
Stay up and running as a result
And who are you to say
Who does and doesn’t belong here
What language is the