May the force be with Batman

Okay, I will say it. I am a grown woman and I love Batman. I love Batman so much that every piece of gear I own has the logo, the colors or some tie to the Dark Night. My gloves:Batman, my pedal board:Batman, my basement:Batman colors with a yellow Batman Stripper pool…No stripping though; this is sacred ground people. My fake entrance to the bat cave is only for show. So when I had the good fortune to travel to Tunisia with a family friend and Tunisian native, I was caught off guard by my fast and strong connection to Star Wars.

Lying awake in my guest’s home I would listen for the first time to “Night in Tunisia” sung by Ella Fitzgerald. I would marvel at her voice and the haunting melody. It seemed like the night sky sprinkled with stars stood still as I listened to the song on repeat. I got to play guitar with Tunisian jazz legend Fawzi Chekili who was beyond talented, kind and supportive. He told me I was a good songwriter and introduced to me to younger musicians who were also kind and talented but schooled me while playing “The Chicken”. Each time beat one came around I would still be three counts behind. Where was my utility belt when I needed it? Some invisibility spray would have been perfect. But I got to play some original songs and redeemed myself.

The food in Tunisia was so fresh. The people were beautiful and the landscapes breath taking. I brushed my teeth with salt from the Mediterranean sea and drank freshly squeezed date juice. My friends and I drove through the desert and literally the smell of the olive trees knocked me out. Something the Joker would have used if he were battling the bat overseas.

So when we finally got to Matmata and Tatouine I was a bit hazy and unsure of what we would find. All I knew was that George Lucas and company had just finished shooting episode 2 about a week before and I was going to find out all I could about it. We entered Luke’s home…a huge hole in the ground with windows cut out in the sand and walked deeper and deeper into the earth until we met a man who appeared to be a hotel concierge. We were in the ground, in the desert and this was part of a hotel…keys and all behind his head. So I turned into the ultimate tourist. “I’m American! Star Wars! George Lucas!” Nothing fazed the guy. “Gold, silver! I will buy your hotel!” Nothing. His head and shoulders were a bit slumped. Not even my Batman t-shirt could have riddled this situation. And then like a force coming from a tractor beam, the concierge lifted his head slowly and said “I took a picture with Natalie Portman!” and his smile vibrated for weeks. I said “Where is it? Can I see it”. “No” he said. “It is at home on my mantel.” he said. And I knew the force was strong with this one. My love for Batman would remain strong, but that glimmer of hope of happiness was all I needed to see the power of the force…a beautiful girl from Long Island who went to Harvard. Now years later as I stay up late at night watching a New Hope and Princess Amidala’s mother. I think to myself I am a girl from Long Island and I went to Harvard…Really I did for a whole day.