May that I find you in Evening’s Mirror — a poem by Bryan Meluch

May that I find you in Evening’s Mirror

Should your skeptic’s ears hear my words and wonder, then
Adrift upon uncertain seas
Perhaps this weary and wanting mariner
Availed of wayward Zephyr’s breath, will
Among strange flotsam humanity discover
Sextant no longer pointing him west

Dearest mine, wherever you be
I swear to seek without rest or reprieve, until
As to Andromeda came Perseus
As by Isis lived Osiris
By moon and by stars, lanterns of night
Providence, gilded nimbus, illumines thee

And finding once your soul, of heaven’s cast
Never will I entertain departure or flight
Captive of your effervescent laugh
Devotee of your emanant light
I vow to ever thee adore
And to drive before you sorrow’s blight

That we should live such days is hope’s decree,
As together we step through partitioned past
To stroll side-by-side along eternity’s shore
Our satisfaction oblivious to miseries
Absent desire for anything more
Rapt with futures yet unexplored

Oh glorious dream!
May that I never wake
Lest it be to find
That it were not mere sleep
But evening’s mirror
Reflecting your face

-Bryan A. Meluch