May 2011 Top 5 Bands/Artist's Shortlist To Checkout in Indy

Here are five local bands or acts that will be having a buzz about themselves soon. If you haven’t heard of these bands you will, and they are definitely some of the best music Indy has to offer!

5. Band: Quincy Sanders and Q-Tet

Genre: Jazz/Funk/Soul

Location: Ft. Wayne, IN


4. Band: Elephant Quiz

Genre: Rock/Hip-Hop/Funk/Reggae/Jam/Psychedelic

Location: Bloomington, IN


3. Band: Kramus

Genre: Rock/Hard Rock

Location: Connersville, IN


2. Band: Phoenix On The Fault Line

Genre: Rock/Ska-Rock/Alternative

Location: Indianapolis, IN


1. Band: Oreo Jones

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Location: Warsaw, IN


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