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So, as I was finishing filling out my bracket today, I started seeing all kinds of commercials from restaurants reminding me that I should probably eat while I watch basketball. Are they genuinely concerned that I’ll be so completely wrapped up in the game that I’ll forget to eat or drink? Maybe they just don’t trust me to remember what sorts of food go well with a giant TV and a group of friends yelling at it. Was there an off chance I was going to order stuffed portobellos or quiche for the big game? It’s probably just the same insecurities that lead them to spend so much time coming up with off the wall new pizzas that are “authentic” recipes from Tuscany or Brooklyn or Chicago (even though they’re headquartered in Toledo or Louisville).

The point is, I don’t really think you need to be told to eat, but if you want some real pizza, from real people, we’d be happy to make it (and if you don’t mind, give your delivery guy an update on the score).

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