Man Tip of the Day; STUDY

Hey everyone, this is my new blog and I’d love to hear what you think about what I have to say. What I post is from experience as a bachelor for the first 30+ years of my life and now as a father of 2 young children. Some of you will agree with what I have to say and many of you may call B.S. on my remarks. Either way, I want to hear it! First up…Guys, don’t be stupid; STUDY. While I was in college (the second go around) I made a concerted effort to do well. I studied, did my homework and did well on my exams. My original thought process was that this would lead to getting a good job (proved to be accurate) and by getting a good job, I would get my ex-girlfriend back. The peripheral benefit was the hot girls in class all wanted to be partnered with me for group projects, sit next to me in class and go out for drinks or just hang out after class (quickly forgot about my ex). I had a tremendous run for two years while finishing up my degree having “dated” almost every girl I was attracted to in those classes (thanks to my ex for the motivation). Although none were long-term (by design), I had the best two+ years of my life up till then. Conversely, while in Bloomington, I tended to be the joker/slacker of the class and, although I had many female ‘friends’ I had the worst “dating” drought I would ever have. Now this may not pertain to everyone as part of the process is in the presentation. If you are a pretty cool guy and relatively attractive this is for you. You may find you are too cool to study, when in actuality, knowledge makes you much cooler…women love the idea of finding someone with the potential for success. Being a cool slacker will get you a job in a record or video rental store but beautiful women want more. For those of you that lack in the physical presentation area but are already a Dean’s List regular, this can be an easy fix. Change your look. You can make an immediate difference by changing your style (clothing, hair, etc) and will most likely boost your confidence, as well. If there is an actual physical issue, this may take more time to overcome but try to hide the negatives (again, styling can help.) Remember, you don’t have to be the best looking to be successful. One more thing, you cannot be afraid to talk to women and you must never talk down to them (for you brainiacs). They may need your help and you must oblige. However, don’t let them take advantage of you–if they need you then you are in control. If they think they can get you to do anything for them, then you are no longer cool enough to just “hang out” which is where the magic happens. As for my ex-girlfriend, she moved to Chicago and, while we keep in touch from time-to-time, we never did get back together. Although, there was some “dating” after the break-up…some really good “dating.”