Man Tip of the Day: Powder or Liquid?

Hey guys-Happy Monday. Hope you all had a good weekend.
The tip for today is for all of you single guys not living at home with parents. Once I left for college I never looked back (I had 4 younger siblings) so I learned very quickly about fundamental housekeeping. Going back to my original post, women are not impressed with a slob.
This post has to do with the debate on whether to use powdered or liquid detergent. From years of experience I have found the following to be true:
1) Liquid detergent is best for laundry as powders can clump and leave unsightly residues and sometimes uncomfortable granules in places not discovered until too late. Preferably, a color safe bleach will work best–I know many of you are on a tight budget and so the cheapest detergent seems to suffice (stuff smells clean enough). However, the cheap stuff will not remove the unsightly yellow stains from the white t-shirts. Spend a little more and get something that works a little better.
2) Powder for dishes works better than liquid. I’m not entirely sure about the chemistry behind this phenomenon (liquid better for laundry, powder better for dishes) but it seems to be true. Liquids tend to leave behind streaks on glassware and don’t remove food particles as well. Perhaps those “uncomfortable granules” that we hate in our clothes are better suited for attacking leftover mac and cheese spots. Chances are, if you live in an apartment or rent a house, you don’t have the best dishwasher. This is where a little help goes a long way. Make sure to use the hottest water setting and use a rinse aid. If your dishwasher does not have a rinse-aid depository, go get a drop-in and attach it to the top rack. DO NOT MIX WITH THE DETERGENT! And most importantly, rinse and use a dish brush to get the food off (especially utensils) before putting in the dishwasher–your dishes will come out cleaner and your dishwasher will last longer.
This is not about being anal retentive–it’s about impressing. If she’s impressed with you then a huge hurdle has already been cleared.