Man, I’m going to miss Halloween

I know that it’s hard to believe that we’ve only been around for barely 5 months, but it’s true – has been alive for almost half a year…wow. Anyways, the reason that I’m writing this blog is to say that I have had more fun hanging on Mojo this month than I have any other time and I think that I know why – Halloween.

I mean, Halloween is such an AWESOME holiday for many, many reasons and for IndyMojo I think that it is our perfect holiday for several reasons:

1. It’s not so bad when Jingles dresses like a Hooters girl

2. It gets our creativity flowing so that we can create new super heros like Smitty:

3. We like to dress up for other holidays anyways:

Yep, I am definitely going to miss Halloween once it’s over, but wow have we had fun with it so far. Tonight at Landsharks will be the icing on the cake – see you all there!