When I first heard of Luvstep 2 last Valentine’s Day on I was immediately washed away with it. The concept of bringing the best of the best dubstep love ballads and combining them with samples from popular love movies blew my mind. Micheal “Flufftronix” Lindsay and “Dirty South Joe” Joey Massarueh are the masterminds behind this voluptuous mix. I must have played this mix once or twice a month in 2011 and I got the honor of seeing it live last year at OMG! located at the Casba on Wednesday nights in Broad Ripple. This was my first time being in this place and if you have never been there it’s a bar located in the basement basement of a restaurant. It definitely set the tone for what was to be a sensual, seductive, and sometimes even a little dirty evening. Last year’s mix topped over 50,000 total plays in three days but unforturnately due to Soundcloud unexpectingly taking it down a few months ago we do not have a tally of the total number of views.

Luvstep 3 by Cool Records

The new Luvstep 3 has also made a big impression on me. This mix features some amazing tracks from some of the top producers in the game. Cool Records released the mix last night just after midnight featuring many tracks from the label itself. It has already made some major buzz since going viral. Topping 7,000 and rising fast when I last checked. The mix is available for free download and I suggest you grabbed it up tonight and play it at the earliest covenience, added bonus if listen with a significant other.

Luvstep 3 Tour hits Indy in just 2 days and The Mousetrap is about to get real hot and steamy for this week’s Altered Thurzdaze. The tour includes Flufftronix and Dirty South Joe along with Clicks & Wistles. Indy favorite Mutiny will also be joining them for what is to be a night people will be talking about till next year. Click here –> IndyMojo Presents : Luvstep 3 Tour.

Luvstep 2.5 (Mad Decent Block Party Set – Director’s Cut) by DirtySouthJoe

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