Love is a Trick Nature Uses to Get Us to Reproduce

for all of you who didn’t go to Bubbaz with me last night (read: all of you.), you missed a pretty darn good time. While I found myself stuck in a tab I don’t quite remember ordering because I let a champion drinker steer our drunken booze ship, overall I thought the night went well. I got my first chance to spread a little Mojo loving on the south side and helped close out the bar without killing or making an ass of myself. Considering I have no health insurance, the first one is particularly nice.

By the end of the night I definitely had the waitress wearing IndyMojo stickers on her bust and her butt which, as we all know, are top priority advertising positions when it comes to the bar demographic. Sorry, the marketing slipped in there a little bit, but there was a clear return on investment that night. I also got to chat with two very good looking women in their mid-30s, one of whom was celebrating a divorce that night.

My intentions were pure and just, although I dare not say the same for my cohort in crime for I was in Mojo Wingman mode. I was not trying to pick up this woman, I was just trying to have a good conversation… which it did start as, but quickly became awkward. Maybe I just don’t have a lot of experience mingling with 30-somethings who just had a divorce and don’t mind telling me about the badness involved there and then the worst-ness circling her eldest daughter. Later we talked about AIDs, which pretty much sealed the end of the conversation and the night (Thank goodness for last call).

Anyways, I did walk away with some pieces of advice from this very nice woman: “Don’t ever have kids. Don’t ever get married. It’s just not worth it.” Now, I happen to be keen on the idea of marriage and a family one day in the distant distant future, but I feel like there is a generation shift happening with younger crowds like our own. More and more these days there seems to be a shift away from the family focus and more towards the free bird approach. Many of my woman friends have said they never want kids, and my male friends probably should never be allowed to have kids… so I think we’re all starting to see through nature.

After all… love is just a trick that nature uses to get us to reproduce. Hormones and fluids and such, all for the procreation and, by proxy, extension of the species. Sure we all desire love and to be loved, because who doesn’t like butterflies in your tummy. However, I feel like we’re not letting ourselves fall into the marriage/baby traps that the majority of our parents had fallen into. We’re being more picky with our mates (for those of us who are that privileged to be at least moderately attractive and/or smooth) and safer with our encounters so ultimately staying more single for longer. That didn’t make grammatical sense, but you see what I’m saying.

my mother married and had me when she was 22. I’m 22 now. Freaky. I am the next in line to get married for my family… But one of the youngin’s may have to step ahead of me, because I certainly am no where near ready for that. My father has been married 9 times, so I think that gives me some breathing room.

annnnnyyyywwwaaaaayyyssss… the real point of this blog was to say that last night was fun, we need to make Bubbaz a regular Mojo location, and I love you Mojoers and your singleness and desire to thwart mother nature.