love <3

A friend of mine wrote this. I just have to post it everywhere :) It makes me smile…

Love is selfless. Love is an act that you can’t control, and is completely about the way you feel towards another person- its not something that makes you feel better about yourself or something that you just like to say. If you have to question a lot whether or not you are in love, then you probably aren’t. It is that thing when you look into the other person’s eyes and you melt- you look at them and you are totally vulnerable, just amazed that you are with them and that someone so special actually exists- yet, afraid you are going to lose it at the same time, but you know that you would do anything to make it work. Its not easy, and its not fun all the time, but at the end of the day all you want is to fall asleep in that person’s arms. It’s the feeling that comes when you know that you would actually go through hell and back to make things work. Love is however a compromise as well. As a person gets more comfortable with the one they love, its easy to forget that it’s not about you- its about us and what is best for us, what works for us. Compromise, trust, honesty, and respect should fall hand and hand with love.

Psychology professors will tell you that true love only requires 3 things-

Intimacy- being able to finish each other’s sentences, the desire to be with them physically and emotionally, goofing around and being silly without being embarrassed by showing