Well, it was fun once again to pit my chili against others of this annual fall event and tho I barely skimmed by the skin of my teeth this year I again won the #1 Judges Choice Award!

The judges were: Eric 7of9, Gem, OMC Worm, Ilex, Jake of all Trades, & BeachBum Chris.

I was thrilled & a bit shocked b/c my friend Ilex had managed to wander over to me before the winners were announced & told me-

“I don’t think you won this year dawn, your chili was as always good but… ya know… “

I told him I really didn’t mind, no biggie, I’d already won two years running as #1 Judges Choice and there is always next year.

So when Big Sea (Casey, the organiser & big hoo-ha of this event) announced the winners, I still held my breath waiting; thinking maybe Ilex was wrong but the man I’ve known for two years now has never lied to me (that I am aware of anyway) so why would he on this, knowing it really IS a big deal to me.

Big Sea called my name (stating.. “and for the third *F*ing year in a row…” I looked at Ilex b/c I was surprised & the man was ROLLING from laughing so much..

the twithead KNEW he’d gotten me & was giggling like a rabid schoolgirl. I wanted to bean him with my ladel. lol

All in all it was a fun day and the event managed to raise almost $800 for Breast Cancer and it was attended by MANY MANY MoFo…

but later on, my narcolepsy kicked into high gear and I crashed right there on the davenport of the BBC Brewery on Clay and Main where this event was held.

Cinn (bless her heart) snapped a photo of me snogged out like a light and then someone (Chuck??) had it posted on the front page of LVMoJo..

I was a bit taken aback that someone had taken my picture while I was in a state to not say yay or nay but then I too, saw the humour in it and ended up laughing b/c well- it WAS funny!

Then bless Ilex’s heart, he made sure I got somewhere so I could sleep off my nap attack safely.

He is a good friend even if he does like making me squirm as to whether or not I won a cooking event. :)

Here are a couple of links (you’ll have to cut/paste- sorry) to some of the photo galleries/threads of this event.



You guys here in Indy should do this.. it is a LOT of fun and one of our major events that most people look forward to running second right behind our Canoe/Camping trip every May hosted by Bug Collector.


Go Check out his profile, there are TONS of pictures of our past four MoJo Canoe trips posted there. This and our Chili Cookoff are never less than a barrel of monkeys and fun!