OMG. I HATE my school. I seriously should have transferred a long time ago. It’s just too damn expensive here. And now it’s stressing me out more than ever.
This year I had to take $7500 out in loans. Now I know that people have had to take out more than that and other schools cost more than that, but still.
And to top it off, even after the 7500, split in half for both semester. I still owe $988 on this sem. So I somehow how to find another thousand dollars which gets an interest charge every damn month if I don’t pay it off.
So my student account has a hold on it. Basically, if it’t not paid off by next sem, I can’t sign up for classes. I’ve had friends here with that problem.
What’s my grand total on loans..?? OHHHH, about $23000.? And now I’ll need anther 2 grand to pay this year off.
I should have gone to a public school like all my friends.
It’s my senior year and I hate it. I want to quit.

Also have to buy another freaking text book for my independent study. Would have purchased it before when I got my other books but my professor only emails us today about it.