Ok, I have been getting some requests to post a blog and to list some of my likes/dislikes. I will stick only to my likes in this entry. Dislikes will take up a whole ‘nother entry. Here is what I am into:

My family, live music (the smaller the club the better), NFL football, my waycool dog Zoie, cornhole, time with my friends, Dos Equis Beer (GREEN), local h (chicago band), Stand-up Comedy, The Why Store, Appleton Wisconsin, United States Marine Corps, downhill snow skiing, The Office, sparkly stuff, YATS, softball, driving, swearing, driving & swearing, real cheesecake, Pulp Fiction, The Jim Rome Show, playing frisbee, funny T-shirts, Best Buy, Clerks (movie), Sportscenter, Brett Favre, Bacardi & Diet Pepsi, Chipotle Burritos, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Oliver Syndrome (90’s Indy Band), Skydiving, hockey shootouts, Mark Boyle, March Madness, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, 80’s hair bands, Watermelon anything, biking, playing basketball, peanut butter in my chocolate, chocolate in my peanut butter, Robert Schimmel, giant fountain sodas, hot tubbin’, Sausage Egg McMuffins, The Elect, rollercoasters, rock climbing, Roselli’s pizza, carb day, Stewie from Family Guy, giving, receiving.

Hope that works.

Take care all-