like woah.

holy heck balls.
i have mad speed…so hup, beth and i had one exciting evening. i just remember dancing a lot and falling asleep and waking up not at my place. good times. glad molly got out of her shell last night. but anyway… we all woke up, dropped off beth and drove back to the place where i am house sitting. [notice: sorry if my english is horrid, i'm still recovering and can't focus on typing well] regardless i made it back roughly by 12:05pm. needless to say i had to be at starbucks for a 1:00 interview. i even got there 15 minutes EARLY! i showered, let the dog go potty and got ready in a mere 20 minutes. thankfully, hup gave me a “practice” interview this morning on the drive back, and the question of the day was if you were a fruit or vegetable what would you be… and my answer was: well i like alliterations, so i would be a mango, molly mango [although its not really an alliteration.] i love how they are juicy and refreshing. i picked some off of a tree in el salvador on a hike and they were a-mazing. so needless to say i aced that interview. i am a complete BAMF. i had an interview at the local starbucks on mass ave. i thought i would do something to screw it up, i think it went well and i will find out monday if i am going to be the newest barista on the town. i told myself i wasn’t going to drink “that much” last night. well bummer i didn’t listen. i hope it didnt screw me over for a future job. ha! i think i need a nap or something, maybe wash my clothes from last nights adventure.