Life lessons

As most people blog about there day, there cat, there bf or gf, or how lame there job is I’ve come to realize there is no humor in any of that shit. So if there is something to blog about…. it should be funny and failed pickup attempts. Its always something that embarrasses you during it but you laugh hysterically and your friends remind you of later in time.
Saturday night went down town with a good friend of my Jessica and Steveorocket. Some bum gave Steve 2 flowers for peace or beer or whatever he said she mumbled and I decided to take them from him to give to 2 different girls. Well we all went to howl at the moon which is always a good time and couldn’t help but notice 2 white dudes that, as bad as this sounds because it is immature to judge but you would have agreed if you saw them, pretty big douche bags. Well after my comment to Jessica on why one of the dudes had his shirt unbuttoned down to his belly button I saw my 2 girls I was going to make a fool of myself giving the flowers too. I approached the girls gave them the flowers and somehow it worked as they gave me a hug, blushed, and we conversated for a bit. (It was almost like I had game.) I told them to come talk to me later and they gave me hugs yet again and proceeded on there way………… to the 2 douche bags I just made fun of. The 2 douches, who were pretty angry at my hitting on both of there girls, decided it was time to leave and the situation didn’t help that the girls stopped by again and gave me hugs before they left while the douches eyeballed me down. If you were there you would have gotten a laugh out of the situation as well.
So it was a life lesson and a moment of Karma. Before you give 2 beautiful girls flowers, make sure they are not with the guys that look absolutely ridiculous. Oh and don’t make fun of people. I plan on more blogs of more embarassing pickup attempts. I like to come up with the cheesiests un-creeperish attempts because after all. What better than making someone or a group of people smile?

There is much to be said for failure. It is much more interesting than success.

~ Max Beerbohm